Saturday, August 06, 2005

Practice schedule and how to rank players

I hope it is OK to send you a question. This is my first year to coach Youth 10-12 yr old Football. I was a football player as a youth, and played in Jr. High and High School. I also love to watch football but I need some help or advice on coaching. By the way, before volunteering I thought I was a great coach in the stands.
But anyway, I was wondering if you had any advice on some drills to run for player evaluations. The players will be in full pads, and have about 15 - 20 minutes at my station. Myself and other coaches on my team will be evaluating players for out draft on Sunday. Some if not most of these kids will be first year players. Also, do you have any advice on what to use for evaluation sheets that we fill out on each player. One last question, do you have any advice on a practice schedule to use for the first couple of weeks of practice and then a practice schedule to use to the rest of the season. We are allowed 2 two hour practices a week, and 1 one hour pre game practice. Please let me know if I am asking too much or more than your service provides.

2 Links to my online guide here
ask them if they have ashma
ask them their phone number and address
ask them if they wanted to sign up or if they got signed by a parent against
their will.
ask them all these things after runnings the forty while they are winded and
unready for your quiz. you will notice right off who has brains.
ask them if they play other sports.
make them do 2 roll overs then throw a ball out in front of them to jump on and
scream ball. See who looks like they don;t want to hit the ground

always race the kids and narrow it down to about 5-8 and hopefully everyone
will notice why these kids get to run the ball.

race the biggest kids and the fastest big kids get to play end or maybe even
linebacker depending on rules about weights.

yes your right
i played 6 years college and THOUGHT I knew what i was getting into. Nope got
killed and ripped and romped and plowed.

It takes alot of talent and help to properly coach 11 people to do what you
tell them
My youth coaching guide

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